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Darine Abi Haidar | Université Paris Diderot | Paris, France

“Intraoperative Multimodal nonlinear endomicroscope and its associated tissue database”

Scientific Talks, Session V | Tuesday, September 13 | 11:10 – 11:40

Minimal invasive surgery is becoming the gold standard in oncology surgery. Neurosurgery is on the front lines of this change: stereotactic and endoscopic procedures become increasingly frequent. However, it is mandatory to perform a gross total resection of brain tumor. The 21th surgery require new tools designed to slide into small surgical approaches and able to give fast and precise information on the tissue met by the surgeon. We address this need by developing a nonlinear miniaturized endomicroscope with multimodal detection. This will give optical biopsy results on the spot, leading to the immediate diagnosis and choice of optimal therapy. This particular architecture overcomes all the technical difficulties and is an attractive clinical tool for real time in vivo optical biopsy.
In parallel of instrumental development, multimodal imaging of human samples was acquired to define an optical classification of tissues. Essentially, the tissues were characterized with different contrasts: 1) spectral analysis covering the DUV to IR range, 2) Two Photon Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and One Photon Time Domain measurement, 3) SHG imaging and 4) Fluorescence imaging using DUV to IR, one and two photon excitations. This multimodal optical analysis could overcome limits of actual technics and provide clinically useful data on human brain.