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Markus Gräfe | Fraunhofer IOF | Jena, Germany

“Quantum enhanced imaging techniques”

Scientific Talks, Session I | Monday, September 12 | 9:20 – 9:50

Exploiting the quantum properties of non-classical states of light enables new avenues of imaging, spectroscopy and sensing in general. The talk will focus on quantum imaging using correlated and entangled photon pairs. In addition to the basics such as the generation of photon pairs, an overview of the available techniques in this field will be given. This includes potential fields of application as well as limits of quantum-based imaging and sensing technologies. There will also be a focus on quantum imaging with undetected light. This approach makes it possible to illuminate an object with light that is not detected, while the light that produces the image of the object in the camera has never interacted with the object.