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Osnath Assayag | Intelligent Imaging Innovations | Paris, France

“Femtosecond lasers for Multi-Photon Imaging and SLM-Based Photostimulation Applications”

Scientific Talks, Session VIII | Wednesday, September 14 | 9:30 – 10:00

For the past 30 years, short pulse lasers have been widely used for multiphoton fluorescence imaging and 2-photon absorption photostimulation techniques.
In this talk we describe how high-order nonlinear processes that can occur due to the short pulse duration of femtosecond laser sources may be exploited for imaging and stimulation in biological samples.
First we review commercially available techniques for 2-photon and 3-photon fluorescence imaging as well as the latest developments using temporal focusing for imaging (sTeFo). Then we present the advantages of using femtosecond pulse lasers with spatial light modulator (SLM)-based photostimulation techniques including computer generated holography, temporal focusing, and 3D scanless holographic optogenetics and temporal focusing (3D-SHOT) for optogenetic activation of in vitro and in vivo biological samples.